Sunday, July 4, 2010


....In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate...

Finally I have the nerve to start blogging, after countless times being asked tirelessly from so many people around me to do just that. I kinda like reading blogs since I enjoy reading good material... but I was skeptical about this because I find it a waste of time (sorry!).. but that's about to change now haha.. Do you know that I actually made a list why I should do this blogging thingy :P to convince myself!

  1. I want to build trust for my customers so that they know a little bit about me (see how important you are.. ;p U made me do this blog).
  2. There's a research done that found students who blog regularly fare better academically than those who don't blog at all (I've no idea how!)
  3. I am such a private person (in other word, very secretive). I want to open up and share more with others about my thoughts.
  4. I consider myself very normal (who doesn't rite?), but I do have some interesting stuff to make you gawk. :P
  5. I hope to make more friends!
  6. To sharpen my writing skills (yeah rite..)
  7. To vent out my feelings. Simply typing something to let the whole world read what's going on in the head works wonders sometimes. (But must make sure it will not hound you back later :P)
  8. I want to get feedbacks, keep my finger on the pulse and get readers to suggest ideas etc..
  9. To brag to others that I too have a personal blog now. haha
  10. To discipline myself. Blogging adds certain amount of discipline to a blogger's life (at least I believe so..) I hope my time-management gets better after this.

  • I am an eldest sister who is surviving as a 4th year medical student and passionate about volunteer works, House Md, fashion, food, books, music, art, ninjas (!) and everything Japanese! And at the moment trying my hand at online entrepreneurship/business :) for some extra cash... (Do support me ya folks!).
  • I am also somewhat culturally competent :P Besides my own mother tongue, I am able to speak in Japanese/Nippon-go, Korean/Hangul, Mandarin, Arabic and English (duh!) with varying degree of fluency thanks to my school system and my own addiction to watching foreign dramas/movies!
  • I came from a very big family. My dad has 15 (!) siblings and my mom has 8. I am the eldest of 6 siblings. So I guess I have a lot to share with you guys about my life! :)

WHATS WITH THE NAME "Boku-No-Blog-Hontou-Ni"?
  • I said I love everything Japanese right, so yeah, I can't think of a cooler Japanese line than that ;p. It means "My-Own-Blog-Seriously" or "My-Own-Blog-For-Real".
  • It shows how much I am surprised with myself having my own blog. Finally.

  • Expect me to write and share things that matters in my life e.g. family, medicine, and my various interests.
  • I might also share notes here on health, languages (Japanese lesson!), excerpts from interesting reading material and my all-time favourite jokes.
  • I am an avid reader/movie goer. Books are like carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature is dumb, science is crippled, and thought is at a standstill! So I may also make book and movie reviews!
  • What NOT to expect is for me to update this everyday :P. However, I may (emphasizing the word "may") update this every week or monthly k :)

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