Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rumah Nur Hikmah

Assalamualaikum everyone..
I have always wanted to share this video with u all.. but too bad YouTube blocked this one due to copyrights issues. :(
2 years ago (27th January 2009), I went to this orphanage to take a look at the condition and meet the kids there.

It was terrible. They eat in trays ...but the food is not enough. Even if they are still hungry, they are not supposed to add.
They fight over so many things, especially for other people's attention. Some of the kids are OKU(disabled) and didnt go to school.

They came from different background. Some of them are not even orphans(!!), but their parents abandoned them

and let them stay there. Some of them were abused, too. And became retarded (may Allah punish those who did this cruel thing!).

One of the boys told me that they dun have much, but they are grateful because more kids are suffering much more than them. I had to fight my tears hearing his words.

Please everyone. Help us (Young MERCY) to help them. Donate in anyway u can to make a difference. If u live nearby in Selangor, just visit them and be grateful of what you have (or not have) in your life...

I made this special video to raise funds for them 2 years ago.. But insha Allah, I shall visit them again soon and see if the condition there has improved or otherwise. May Allah bless these kids and those who play their roles to help them. Only Allah can reward your sincerity..