Sunday, September 5, 2010


The other day last week, I was late to class. I forgot that we had a session with this particular professor who is very very very particular about punctuality. She repeated this issue many times during our first briefing. I was having my usual Monday blues at that time, but I thought I could still make it on time to our campus in Cyberjaya from Kajang. The distance is exactly 30km and I usually take 25 minutes to arrive. The class was scheduled to start at 8.00 am and zero second.

I departed from my house at around 7.11am, but I was so shocked with the heavy traffic jam at such timing. I was stucked at Sungai Ramal for more than half and hour and I was sweating with worry, despite the aircond. There was nothing I could do except prayed the class got postponed somehow. I sped my way to Cyber after the jam but tough luck, I reached at around 8.07am. Parking the car and running to the class at 3rd floor took another few minutes, so I ended up in class after 8.10am.

She was smiling when I knocked the door with my apologies. And oh, I was fined RM2 for being late! About 4-5 of my colleagues came later than me, too. And fined RM2 as well. To make it worst, when she asked me for my logbook to sign my attendance, I just realized that I did not bring the one and only thing that I must bring!! I told her that I might have left the book in my car, and she said go get it now. I prayed hard that the logbook is somewhere in my car....but it was not. I could not find it anywhere. I feel like driving back to Kajang to take the logbook and come back, but too bad in about an hour, we had to rush to Klinik Kesihatan Dengkil for a briefing.

I really couldn't believe my luck. Without the logbook signed, it is considered that I did not attend the class at all. That noon, I drove back to Kajang to get my logbook since we had another session at 2 p.m. And guess what..No logbook at home, too!! :( I feel so devastated. I wasted my time and oil for nothing. Now I have to pay RM15 for a new logbook. Just great... Suddenly when I was about to get out of my car, I felt like bringing my little notebook along to reply any emails or orders. When I opened the zipper, I had to scream when I saw the logbook inside!

So after thinking about it, this is how I shall rephrase my post, not by the sequence of unfortunate events, but by the things that I am thankful for, with His grace.

#1. RM2 FINE: I was speeding like nuts on my way to college since I was late, but thank God, although I was 10 minutes late, I still managed to come in one piece (not involved in any accident). And yes, I have learnt my lesson not to come late ever again!!

#2. THE LOGBOOK: I thought I lost it. When I gave up seeking for it and was about to head to the Admin to buy for a new one, I unexpectedly got it back. :) Kat dalam keta tu jugak le buat sujud syukur..huhu.

#3. COINCIDENCE:And one pleasant thing that I remember happened that day was I coincidentally wore similar cardigan with the same colour as Wafaa. Yes, unlike most people who don't like wearing the same thing as your classmates, we are different. We take pictures to commemorate such event! I know its weird, but hey it is fun la! :P

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